Ride After the Rain and Adjusting the Bikes Spokes

Monday November 6, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Ride in the forest

I joined my brothers for a dirt bike ride up into the forest. We had to wait for a rain shower to pass before we took off. It came down hard for a few minutes, then mostly stopped. We are getting ready to take off.bikes1


We rode around for an hour or so. We had a few real light drizzles once in awhile but not enough to get wet. We looked around to see if any new edible wild mushrooms came out from the rain, but not much yet.showers2


Break spot

We eventually made it up to the hill top where we take a break for a spell.sky3



We noticed what looked like some smoke out in front of us.smoke4


It was smoke all right, but it was rather brief, like they tried to start some wet brush on fire but it was too wet. I think this house did a lot of cutting for fire prevention last summer and they were trying to burn the brush piles without much success.smoke5


We left there and rode around some more and then headed back to my house.

Bike problem

Once I rested up, I went on YouTube to find out how to adjust spokes on the wheels as my rear tire was a bit wobbly and was hitting my chain causing it to make slamming noises as I rode around. So, I needed to try to adjust it to take the wobble out of it.

I set the bike up on it’s jack stand and used this old chair bottom as a pointer to check the tire run out as I turned it to find the spots that needed to be adjusted.bike6


I used the tip of the chair mount as a pointer which I placed by the rim as I turned it.tools7


This worked pretty good and I was able to take out most of the wobble. I then went around the spokes a few times to tighten them all up as they were pretty loose.pointer8


I got most of the wobble out. I need a new chain as it’s about worn out and it’s loose which is part of the problem the tire hits it.

I ordered up the chain and some better tools to do this job, like a much better spoke wrench then the adjustable one that was starting to round off the spoke nuts.


Both brothers were out crabbing on Saturday, opening day, so Barry brought me over another crab for dinner tonight. Yum.

Nice day.

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