Prepping the Chicken Coop for Chicks, Planting Some Bird Seed and Taking It Easy

Monday June 11, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Enjoying the morning

I was just sitting around this morning in the yard when I heard a motorcycle at the front gate. It turned out to be my brother Barry on his dirt bike.

We shot the bull for awhile then he took off for a ride. I thought about going, but I stayed home to take it easy instead.barry


Get the coop ready

I needed to clean the tools and stuff out of the chicken coop to get it ready to receive some peeps soon. Some wild animal got into the shavings and ate a hole in the container when it was outside so it’s a little messy. It’s ok as the floor will soon be covered with the shavings anyway.stuff


I worked on cleaning the shed out for a bit and of course a break too.

Planting bird seed

I sorta planted some bird seed in the enclosure area where I had the dirt turned over. I didn’t do a very good job of burying the see so I planted lots of seed. Maybe a little mulch might be good on top.seed


Chicken feed later

Hopefully some of the seed will grow and become chicken feed later. This enclosure gets watered everyday so will stay wet.

A little box for the peeps

I was thinking I had a little wooden box that might be good for the peeps to live in for a bit while they are real small as they get shipped in a box so they can cuddle up and stay worm when they need too.

The box is a fairly well made box I made for food stuffs in my van but since have changed to a different way to do that in the van so this box is available. It’s nice because it  has two big side doors and the top comes off too. I just made a cardboard insert to block off the big open side with a little door more chick size.

Here’s the box with the cardboard insert, top and side panel open, cardboard insert in


Inside the coop

I cut this piece of wire to help keep the little peeps contained and put the box in there to see how it looks. Looks ok to


I tried to take it easy today so I did a lot of chair hopping and visited the blue berry patch several times to eat some and that was pretty much my day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Cute idea for the baby chicks, you are creative, for sure!
    Don’t overdo it, glad you are feeling better though.

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