Eating Blueberries, Mulching Paths and the Peeps Are Shipped

Tuesday June 12, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Taking it easy doing easy things

Another taking it easy day. I started it off by installing ten springs on the doors for the chicken coop enclosure. Some worked better than others. Some don’t close as strong as I’d like so I’ll have to work on those ones some more and figure out a better way to mount the springs so they have more pull to keep the doors closed.

One of the springs which keeps the door closed.spring


Blueberries are getting ripe more quickly now

I visited the blueberry patch several times to eat some of them. They are starting to ripen up faster so some might make it into the freezer instead of my mouth.blueberries


I sat around a lot as it was a nice day.

Mulching the garden walkways

In the afternoon I filled the wheelbarrow up with wood chips several times.woodchips


I spread the wood chips out in the garden to keep the weeds and mud


Covering up the planted bird seed

This enclosure was real muddy after I planted some bird seed in it so I spread wood chips around in this spot too.chips


Peeps have been shipped

My brother Tom came by and said the chicks were shipped today instead of Monday like I thought, so they should be in tomorrow or the next day. I think I am mostly ready for them.

Keeping the chicks warm

Tom said I needed a light bulb over the box to help keep the chicks warm so I rounded up something that should work for that and I took it easy for the rest of the day.

That was  my day for a good one, very restful.

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