Prepping the Van, Dirt Bike Ride and Old Chicken Eggs

Thursday September 24, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Prep day

Today I had some van prepping to do to get ready for a desert trip to Nevada in a couple of days.

But first I fed the chickens and checked on their water so they were happy.

Checked and aired up all the tires.

Where’s the darn grease gun

Then looked for the grease gun but just couldn’t locate it. I looked all around the place more than an hour checking places twice but it just couldn’t be located. I was wondering if my brother had borrowed it but he wasn’t around to ask. I finally settled on using another grease gun that wasn’t as good as the one I was looking for but it did the job.

Next was checking all the engine fluids, oil and water, check.

I checked out the food supply and added what I needed. Drinking water, all the water bottles are full.

Next made the bed with clean sheets.

About that time an afternoon nap was in order so I did that until I was rested and went back and did some more prep on the van just checking things out to make sure I’d have what I needed.

I got most of the van prep work done but not all. Just a few things to take care of tomorrow and I should be good to go. Mostly need to check to make sure I’ll have all the clothes I’ll need.

Dirt bike ride and strawberries

Around five I hopped on the dirt bike for a ride up into the hills around the forest fire area. I didn’t see any smoke so it seems to be mostly out and had a nice short ride stopping at the strawberry patch on the way home to eat some strawberries. The bugs have been eating the strawberries but I was able to find enough to eat.

Found the grease gun

Just as I was leaving the garden area, there was the grease gun I was looking for earlier right on the trailer where I left it when I greased the dozer during the forest fire.DSC03285


Older age stuff

I find getting older and misplacing stuff is an older age thing that can’t be avoided and just has to be dealt with. Of course if I didn’t do so many different things and need so many different things I guess I wouldn’t misplace so much so often. Such is life eh.

Just before dark I mixed up enough chicken feed for when I’m gone so my assistant Dominique can take care of them for me.

Old eggs

While I was prepping the van I found 4 dozen eggs I’d left in the fridge that was off in the van from my last trip some time ago.

What to do with them. Boil them up and feed them back to the chickens so I boiled them up and will feed them back to the chickens tomorrow.

So that was my day for a nice one.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Since old age struck, I’ve become fanatic about putting things back where I got them. Somehow it doesn’t always work though.

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