Shopping, Planning For a Trip and Pelicans and Harbor Seals

Wednesday September 23, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I needed to go shopping today to get some stuff for my upcoming trip to the desert.

So off I went to Costco around 2PM hoping they weren’t too busy at this time and they weren’t but they were repaving half of their parking lot so traffic around that was bad.

But I was able to find most of what I will need for the trip after two times around the store. The way they move stuff around sometimes makes finding what one needs difficult, not knowing if the item has just been moved or discontinued.

Anyway after taking some time to get out of their parking lot I headed over to Marty’s house to discuss our upcoming desert trip which we did.

We’ll be heading over near Dixie Valley in Nevada on Sunday.

Once back home I unloaded the stuff I bought into the old van.

And a nap was in order.

On another note

Candee a commenter who has a place at Jenner commented.

Comment: I too have never seen so my pelicans, most of them immature. Is it a seasonal thing? Also, I didn’t see the usual pile up of seals on the shore. Is this seasonal as well?

Increasing Pelicans

Well I think the pelican’s have just found a nice safe resting spot and moved on in. They have been increasing in number for the last several years.

They eat out in the ocean and seem to come into the estuary around noon time to preen and rest up and digest what they have eaten in the ocean.

It’s likely this will be a normal thing now that they’ve found the place which may or may not be seasonal depending on the fish they feed on in the ocean. Time will tell. Things do change in nature and what is normal isn’t always the case.

One thing I can see is the amount of bird poo might just change the estuary and maybe even the ocean just outside the mouth as there will certainly be a lot more nutrients in the water now with so many birds.

Where’s the harbor seals

As far as the harbor seals, yes I too have noticed the big decline in  them on the beach. Another commenter says this is a seasonal thing but I don’t completely agree with that.

It may be true that some leave this time of year but I’ve never seen this many leave from all the years I’ve been watching them. I think the total number of them is approaching 300 and now there are fewer than 50 for the first time. The numbers really deceased just after the big fires so it  might have something to do with that or maybe something else, but whatever it is, it’s not normal.

Nice day getting stuff done for the trip.

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2 Responses to Shopping, Planning For a Trip and Pelicans and Harbor Seals

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    We love Costco and even though the parking lot is always busy and congested, inside the store is very well managed, we think. Better since the Covid actually.
    Have fun packing for your trip to nevada.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Is it time for the great whites to be wandering by? Seems like the groups move around to different areas nowadays. I hate shopping Costco, but I love their products.

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