Pruning Trees, Trailer Repair, Chainsaw Repair and Moving Some Chicken Poo

Wednesday January 12, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Yard work and stuff

My brother Tom was over first thing today with our dump trailer. The battery was dead and the up and down switch seemed to be full of water and would I take a look at it.


I wanted to get this apple tree pruned today so I moved the ladder over to it to get started.tree1


Checking out the switch

But instead I got some tools out and had a look at the electric dump switch that controls the hydraulic lift.trailer2


Water seems to have filled this switch holder up with water so it needed to come apart to have a look.switchbox3


It was full of water and the electrical switch was all corroded and not working as it should.switch4


Tree’s pruned

Now that I knew the switch was bad I put that aside and got the apple tree all pruned up.pruned5


And then I had a nice break sitting around in the


Old switch

I had this old winch switch that has been laying on the ground in front of the garage for about a year and thought maybe it was still good and would work to fix the dumper. I’d need to give it a test with my meter to check it out.switch7


Fixing the chainsaw

But first I remembered my chainsaw needed the starter rope cleaned out and  lubed so I thought I’d do that first while I was thinking about it.chainsaw8


I got the starter off and cleaned it up and lubed it and it worked good  now.starter9


Clean it out

But while I had the starter off I noticed there was an excessive amount of sawdust and dirt in the engine area.dirt10


I blew that all out with air the best I could and put the saw back together.

Testing the old switch

Nest it was back to the old switch I needed to test out. I cut the socket I’d not need off to expose the wires and measured the switch and it worked well, so now I will use that for the dump trailer to dump it.test11


Old battery

With the dead battery in the dump trailer I can’t left the bed to remove the battery so I put the charger on it to see if it will charge, I don’t think it will and I’ll have to get another battery to jump it, but not today.


I noticed the daffodil’s are getting very close to budding out.daffs12


Dirt and poo

And the last thing I did today was to remove a bunch of this old dirt mixed with poo by where the chicken is. I hauled it to some fruit trees and spread it out under them. I’ll get some fresh woodchips in there, maybe tomorrow.pendirt13


After that there was only a little time until it got dark so I sat around for a bit more.

Nice day.

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