Puttering and A Radiator Leak Scare

Friday February 7, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Putter day

I had a lot of little things to get done today. Mostly prepping the van for a trip to Arizona and some yard work too.

Bolted on the belly pan

I found the bolts to fasten the van’s belly pan on. I’d put them aside when I took the pan off and I couldn’t find them until today so I got out the tools and crawled under the van and put all the bolts in.

Leaky radiator scare

While I was under there I noticed a wet spot on the bottom of the radiator. Oh, oh. Do I have a leak? If so that would postpone my trip.

I wasn’t sure about that wet spot. It could be from spilling some fluid when I filled up the radiator the other day so I needed to check it out. I got a rag and wiped as much of the wet spot as I could then decided to run the engine until it got hot to see what the wet spot would do and if I could find the leaky spot.


Fortunately the wet spot dried up as the engine got hotter so it looks like just some spill fluid. I’ll check the spot once more tomorrow to make sure it’s not a leak.

Water supply and bedding

After that I cleaned up my gallon water bottles and filled them with fresh spring water. I have to be careful where I get my water because of my corn allergy.

Next I got all the bedding out to the van and got the bed made up.water


A lot of other stuff got loaded too, some food and some clothes among other things


I hauled 4 more loads of woodchips to the raspberry patch from here. The daffodils seem to be getting some brighter color in them.daffs


Chow hounds

I gave the chickens some extra feed which they’re chowing down on.feed


Front yard

Towards evening the chickens got let out into the front yard for a couple hours.chick


The other camera got moved to the chicken pen and set up and looks like this. I can watch to see who is laying eggs and whose not.cams


The leaky radiator was a good scare today as it would have to be fixed and delay  my trip departure, but it all turned out good, so far.

Nice sunny spring day and the radiator isn’t leaking. :O)

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2 Responses to Puttering and A Radiator Leak Scare

  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    Those chics look like my Barn Kat..Trying to find a way into the van, they don’t want you to leave, at least without them….
    As soon as I turn the key on my rigs B.K. changes his mind and jumps off, giving me a dirty look…..
    You’ve seen my old van pictures, similar to your loading eh??

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Thankfully the rad isn’t leaking. Hope it stays that way so you get your vacation adventure. The chickens don’t know you’re leaving, do they? They will miss you, I trust your brother will look after them?
    The daffodils are so nice to see.

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