Quarter Share of Beef, Trail Work and More Well Work

Tuesday June 1, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Beef pickup

I got a phone call that my quarter share of a beef was ready to pick up at the meat place.

I needed to cash a check too so I first went to my bank and stood in the line out the door for about a half hour to get in to cash it.

Meet place

Then I drove on over to this place, Willowside Meats.meatplace1


This guy brought my meat out and put it in the car for me.meatman2


Once home I unloaded the meat and put it in the freezer, keeping a package out to thaw out for dinner.meat


Trail work in the forest

I got my tools and rode the quad runner up into the redwood forest to do some more trail work and parked here.quad3


The trail goes up through here.


And through this spot. I moved sticks off the trail as I went unless they were too big which will eventually need a chainsaw.trail5


Old road

Some parts of the trail had a lot of sticks to throw off the trail. This is actually an old road.sticks6


It’s a very scenic trail. That’s sorrel on the trail.trail7


Rotten logs too

I was able to break up this rotten log and get it off the trail.log8


I got most of the trail cleared of sticks but have some logs that need a chainsaw. This trail goes through a real nice area eh.ferns11


After the trail work I went on home for a nap and after that I went out and worked on the old well getting more sediment out of it.

Nice day.

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