Making Progress On the Old Well Sediment Removal

Monday May 31, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Old well work day

After tending the chickens I got to work on the old well sediment removal project here.bucket1


Sediment removal

I mostly sat in a chair and turned this water valve off and on to help pickup the sediment in the well to bring it to the top and into the bucket.water2


I hit some softer sediment today which helped improve the rate of sediment removal quite a bit so I kept at it on and off most of the day and into the evening.

Some helpers came by mostly to get a drink of water, first this white rooster.rooster3


Then the other rooster came by, Carmelo 2.rooster4


The chickens seem to like playing in the water and mud.birds5


Yummy raspberries

I’m starting to get more raspberries than I can eat getting ripe. There’s nothing like getting a big ol handful of raspberries and stuff it all in your mouth at the same time for a flavor burst. Yummy.berries6


I’ve been working on eating as many of these Royal Ann cherries as I can and doing a pretty good job of it.cherries7


And of course I checked on the chicks on and off throughout the day to make sure none of them had gotten into any trouble. Not today.peeps8


Nice day working in they yard.

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  1. GARY CLAMPITT says:

    I’ts just fun for me watching you having fun

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