Queen’s Canyon Ride and Walk and Some Mountain Sheep Too

Thursday February 27, 2020 Queen’s Canyon, Kofa, Arizona


I spent last night camped at the Palm Canyon parking lot. I arrived just about dark. When I got out of the van I was greeted by some Alp type horns. The sounds were coming from up by the palms on the trail. I looked but couldn’t see anyone, but I sure could hear the horns. They played for around two hours before stopping for the night. I never did see who was playing.

Visiting Gaelyn

The next morning I drove back down the road to pick up Gaelyn, a Blogger I met the night before. Her website is here,  https://geogypsytraveler.com/    .   We were going on a 4 wheel ride up Queen’s Canyon and a little hike.

Here’s her camp spot were I picked her up for the ride.trucks2


Queen’s Canyon Road

We drove back up the road and turned left here onto the Queen’s Canyon Road.kofa


I drove on up the road.desert4


And into that mountain range where the road goes.mountains5


We let lots of these guys go by us.rigs6


Signal Peak Trial walk

This is were we were going for a little hike up into this area which is the start of the Signal Peak trail. We’d planned to just do the bottom part and not climb up into the hills.hke7


We walked up into this area were we stopped to take some pics and have a good break.trail8


The hills are rugged up there so we stayed down here and looked around.trail9


I sat on those rocks while Gaelyn puttered below taking pictures of this and that.rock10


There she is taking pictures of everything.pics10


After a good break in that area we started back going down through this creek.trail11


I followed her along as we hunted for the trail.trail12


This big grass hopper almost landed on me. The only one I saw today.hopper13


It’s always nice to get back to the van.van14


On the way out we stopped at Skull Rock so Gaelyn could get some pictures.

Big horn sheep

There was a lady standing by the road looking up into the hills. She yelled out, Do you see the sheep up there. No.

I had her point them out and when I finally spotted them they put on quite a show. There were a bunch of them running around playing and butting horns. Doing some mating I think.

They were jumping up and down on those rocks.sheep


They were sure having a good time running around and jumping around. The lady said her husband was up the hill getting some good pictures of them with his telephoto stuff. I bet he got some real good pictures as they kept it up for over an hour.sheep16


Gaelyn and I continued our trip out, back to her camp spot.

Not an owl

I stopped suddenly as I thought I saw a big owl on a post but it turned out to be this instead.owl14


By the time we got back to Gaelyn’s camp spot we were both pretty tired out. I said my goodbyes and drove up the road a bit to make camp for the night.

Nice day walking around the Kofa with Gaelyn.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Thank you for this delightful afternoon.

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