Visiting, Valve Stem Repair and Some Work

Friday February 28, 2020 Quartzsite Arizona


I left the Kofa this morning not so bright and early, around noon. I stopped to check on Gaelyn on the way out as she wasn’t feeling well when I dropped her off yesterday after our hike.

Adele’s place

She said she sleep real well last night and was doing fine so I left and drove over to Rainbow Acres coming in the back way across the desert following the pipeline. I got a bit lost looking for Adele’s place but I found it.

Adele and I shot the bull for an hour or so catching up on stuff.

Tire shop

I drove off from there headed to Quartzsite and decided to try and find the tire shop in Quartzsite. I almost missed it but saw it across the street in time to make the turn.

I needed to get a leaky valve stem replaced on my spare tire as it was leaking badly around the rim. They were real busy but I finally rounded up someone and they said to pull around back to bay 1 and someone would remove the tire for me and fix it.

It took awhile but once they got to it things moved right along and we got er done.

Here I am at the tire shop waiting for things to happen on the spare


Helping Marty

Good to get that fixed. I drove on over to Marty’s place when I left and found him working on putting a splash guard on the door of his big metal shop, a shipping container.

I helped him hold up the piece he wanted welded on for the splash guard and stepped back while he welded it up.

Idle adjustment

After a break we took a look at his van’s TBI. We wanted to increase the idle just a bit which wasn’t easy but we did get it done.

Working on my van

While he was working on that I put a quart of oil in my van’s engine and checked stuff over getting ready for a big trip next week, the Mojave Trail from east to west.

I’ve been smelling gas when I shut the van off so I was looking for any gas leaks but didn’t find any.

Enough work

After that I put all my tools and stuff I took out to do the job away and Marty and I sat and had a break for the rest of the day.

That was it for my day. I plan  to loaf around Quartzsite for a few days until we take off on our trip on March 3.

Nice day.

Added today. I going back out to Skull Rock to spend a couple days and nights to see if I can watch the  mountain sheep some more as I have some time to kill before we go off on our Mojave trip on the third. Posted from Quartzsite, Mr. D’s

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