Rain Today, So Installed Video Software and Did Some House Cleaning

Wednesday November 19, 2014 Guerneville CA.

What to do

It was raining lightly when I got up this morning and looked like it would continue through the day, so what to do on such a day?

Let’s see, I needed to do some vacuuming in my house, so I set up the machine and started, but my back was saying it wasn’t a good day for that, so I put the machine down for now.

Video editing software

I’d been thinking about purchasing some video editing software I’d tried out a couple years ago from Corel, so I gave them a call. It turned out that I’d have to download these huge files and I couldn’t get it in a box with a DVD, so I hung up and thought about it.

In the mean time, I was able to do a little more vacuuming before my back said no again.

Ok, I’ll try it

So thinking about the video software some more, I decided to purchase it and try to download it, so I called again and started things in motion. When I received the email with all the keys and stuff to make it work, I tried downloading it, but it was getting corrupted so that wasn’t going to work. The person on the phone had said I could download the software at the library. Maybe his library, but my  library isn’t any better then my connection so I was thinking I might have to go to a larger library to get it accomplished.

Ray helps me out

Then I remembered Ray told me he could download a full movie in a short time so I gave him and a call and asked if I could come down and download using his connection, so off I went, he just lives down the road a short distance.

We had some trouble getting the password to work using his Wi-Fi, but we persisted and I was in business. I had five gigs of stuff to download which took a couple hours.

We shot the bull while things were downloading.

Installing the software

I went on back home and transferred the software to my main desktop computer and started the install. Of course there were several security keys to put in at the right times and after a little trouble with that, things started to work ok. After about two hours to install all the stuff, I finally had it. I mean the software got installed, but I was done in and ready for a nap, even though the computer did all the work.

Getting that software and installing it plumb wore me out.

Why am I installing this video editing software?

I’m not sure. :O)

I take stills with a video camera and sometimes shoot some video too, which I’ve been storing away for a time now.

One of the reasons I do stills is it’s much easier to manage all the photos I take as compared to  managing video clips, which are huge files and have to be played to view them, which takes a good deal more time, so I’ve avoided getting into this up until now.

One also needs a fairly fast computer which I didn’t have until a couple months ago when I purchased this faster one I have now.

Keeping me busy

Needing something to keep me busy during the dark nights of the winter, I was thinking it might be time to get into the video stuff.

Anyway, I’ve now got all the blocks in place to try my hand at the video stuff.

I do not plan to put any videos on my blog, but will add any links to them, if I ever get some video put together.

Whether I make some videos or just mess around with it, only time will tell. Getting the tools in place is at least the first step.

The rain has stopped, but some more is expected tomorrow and the next day too. I’ll try to get some kayaking in, between the storms, if at all possible.

That’s it for another day.

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