Rain, Wind, Elk and I Canceled My Hike

Monday March 6, 2017 Port Orford Oregon

Port Orford parking lot

I’m parked at the Port Orford Harbor parking lot out near the end of it. With bad weather today, no boats are out and the place is pretty dead as I’m the only one out  here.

This is out my side doors looking out into the Pacific Ocean. The ocean is pretty rough and I’m hoping no big waves break over the rocks here.harbor



Yesterday afternoon it was raining off and on so I did some driving around to check things out.

North of town I drove out a road called Paradise which led me to this big sandy beach.oceanbeach


I didn’t go for a walk here because these big black clouds would come in and dump a bit of rain every now and then. A cold rain with big cold drops.beach


Looking for a trail

Later I decided to have a look for trails down to the ocean south where I was camping. I could see a lot of rocky coast line from the highway and it was only about a quarter mile hike down to the ocean if I could find a trail.

I stopped in several places where there where pull off parking places and had a look.

Snowy trail

There’s sort of a trail here, but not used a lot which might be a good sign as maybe not too many people fish down here. I didn’t go far as the snow was getting me wet.walk


I like the looks of this spot

Just up from there at the next parking spot which  just so happens is right across from my camping road, I stopped and looked down to this and thought I need to hike down there, maybe tomorrow as it was too late in the day now to do it.rocks


Staying dry and toasty

I drove up to my camp spot and had a good night with quite a bit of rain coming down, but I was dry and toasty.

This morning I was woke by some heavy equipment working near by, their backup beepers are really load, but at least it was down and across the highway a bit from me so I ignored it as much as possible and stayed in bed.

A guy was loading dirt on his truck down there in the parking lot, the same one I want to take a hike from.spot


He’d fill up his truck and drive it away and then return and do it again.workers


My own little pond

There’s a little pond in the parking spot where I’m camped which looks like this. There’s spring feeding it.pond


The only things I could see living in it are these guys. Salamanderssal


Started out to do a hike

Once I finally got it going for the day I drove on down to the lower parking place where I wanted to go for a hike down to the ocean at this spot.van


I looked over the side to figure out just where I wanted to go somewhere down to some rocks to check out possibilities for fishing and spied these elk taking it easy down there.elk


You just never know where you might find elk

They saw me looking over the side and got up and started wondering off.elk2


This was the last spot I saw them in as they headed on down south.elkocean


The rocks sure looked good for fishing

I could see some nice looking rocks which might be nice to fish at low tide and a calm sea.fishrocks


The cold got me

And there seems to be a sorta point in front of that big rock and there is also a cold wind coming off the ocean and the rain showers are still coming down off and on. By this time the cold had already penetrated me, so I decided this would be a good hike when the weather was a bit better.walkspot


So I canceled that and drove up to Port Orford and checked the internet for weather which doesn’t look very good. It was showing mostly showers for the next week, but now it’s showing mostly rain and wind.

I’m headed back up to the library now to post this blog and then I’ll head back to my camp spot for the night. The wind has been picking up while I’ve been sitting here and it’s making me nervous with the ocean foaming right next to me.

That’s my day.

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