Snow in Port Orford Oregon

Sunday March 5, 2017 Port Orford Oregon

A couple inches of the white stuff

Things were nice and peaceful and quiet last night and I found out why when I got up this morning.

Seems it snowed a couple inches of snow last night.

This is what it looked like looking out my van’s side doors this morning out towards the Pacific Ocean.snow


After getting up and having a cup of coffee, I ventured out to have a look.van


Making bread sticks

It was rather cold out, so I went back in and started another cup of coffee and cooked up some yeast bread sticks I’d  been maturing for the last couple days. Of course I had the propane heater going too.

I’ve found that this is the easiest way to make up some yeast type bread without a  big hassle.sticks


I ate most of the bread sticks with my coffee then put things away for travel.

Headed on over to the library

It was snowing lightly with a bit of slush as I drove through the Humbug Mountain Park area which looked like this as I headed for Port Orford.road


I was headed to the library to check the internet for email and what the weather was supposed to do.

Looks like a lot  more of the same type of weather coming up

The weather guys are predicting more rain and wind for the next couple days and then some more showers. I plan to stay at least a few more days to see how things pan out, or not.

We are getting a bit of sun right now, so I will post this blog and head down to the harbor for a nap and to check things out. I might also explore some of the streets in town that I haven’t checked out yet.

That’s it.

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2 Responses to Snow in Port Orford Oregon

  1. Bob says:

    Hi Patsy, A little snow I can handle. The locals tell me they haven’t had eight inches of snow around here for over twenty years. Might as well get it over with as it’s still winter. Hopefully the kind of snow where you guys live will be gone by the time you get home.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Snow, yeuch! We aren’t starting to head home until the 21st of march. Hopefully by then we won’t see too much of the white stuff or cccold temps. Safe travels, have fun!

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