Rainy and Trying To Repair the Big Stick Mixer, But Failed

Thursday March 18,2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

The plan for the day was go hook up the new phone lines I installed on my neighbor’s house yesterday. But when I went outside to care for the chickens this is what greeted me, rain.sky


So I went over to my neighbor’s place and told her, not today, maybe tomorrow if the weather is nice.

Big stick mixer repair

Awhile back my brother Tom gave me this big stick mixer or immersion mixer to repair if I could. I’d discovered it needed new bearings in the stick part so today I’d try to take it apart and get the old bearings out so we could get some new ones. This mixer has a 16 inch stick on it for doing big jobs. A lady gave it to  my brother. It would spin and then vibrate and stop as the bearings were so bad.stickkmixer


I couldn’t do it

I was able to get that shaft out with the pin in it but the bearing underneath the pin was a bit more difficult, much  more difficult. The tube needed to be taken apart but I could see no way to get the piece on the end off the rest of the tube to get to the bearing.stick


Gave it a good try

I tried locking the hub in my lathe and heating up the tube a bit and tried turning the tube with my pipe wrench and got it to move about an eighth of an inch before it locked up and the lathe jaws messed up the aluminum end hub making it unusable and had to give up on fixing it.

No info online

I did spend some time online looking for a way to get it apart but could find nothing on it.

It’s not a real loss as it was broken when he got it and it gave me something to do on a rainy day besides cleaning house which isn’t one of my favorite chores.

Chickens don’t like heavy rain

The chickens were on their roost early today as they don’t care for the rain much. Light rain is ok with them and they’ll get real wet in it but heavier rains they just don’t like.roost


Much needed rain

We need the rain so the rain was ok with me and it always warms the days and nights up a few more degrees which is also good at this time of year.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I’m with the chickens. When it’s raining hard I just sit on the couch!!

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