Rainy Day and a Forest Ride and Blog Transfer Woes

Sunday December 17, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It rained for a good part of the day so I stayed in and did mostly nothing.

But in the afternoon, the rain let up so I decided to use the break in the rain to go for a ride up into the hills and collect my game cam cards.

I did wear my rain jacket just in case, but I didn’t need it. I stopped here to collect the first cam card. The game cam is up in the tree to the left of the bike and is hard to see which is good to keep anyone from taking it away. I collected all the cards but I  haven’t had time to view what’s on them yet. Too busy trying to get  my website transferred to the new site. It’s not going real good, but I think I might be making a little progress.bike


Guerneville overlook

From there I rode up to the Guerneville overlook and was surprised to see this rain fog over the forest and the town of Guerneville too.fpg3


Rest spot overlook

Since that was an interesting view, I rode on up to our break area at the top of the mountain.topview4


This was the view south from that spot. More rain is coming.topview5


I rode around some more collecting all the game cam cards and then headed for home as it appeared it might rain at any moment. I made it home before it started again.

New pouch

After a break, I went out to install the new pouch on my bike so I can carry some small things.I wish it was just a little larger but this will do for now.poach


Blog site transfer

I worked on trying to get that done the rest of the night and had a lot of problems even though it was supposed to be done automatically. The first trouble was figuring out what information they wanted to do the transfer between the old and new site. Once that was finally figured out, I did what they call the migration and waited until it said it did it successfully.

When I went to the new site to view the migration, things weren’t working so I contacted their support and they figured out lots of the photos didn’t transfer among other stuff that got screwed up. So much for automatic.

I was advised to try the migration again, but not tonight, I’m burned out for now.

Nice day.

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