Rats, Crab, Nitrogen and a Clean Shower

Thursday December 8, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Rain expected soon

I’m running out of rat bait and these three rats really worked on cleaning things up last night.rats1


Chores before the rain

Rain was expected real soon so I had some stuff to get done.

I had a couple bait blocks left so broke them up and put them in this feed station by my avocado tree where I  have the game cam setup for pictures of what’s going on at night.station


I loaded up the bait containers and put them under the lid to keep the rain out.bait


Crab for lunch

My brother Tom had been out on the ocean yesterday crabbing and he gave me three of them, cooked and ready to devour. I had one for lunch.crab



It felt and looked like it was going to start raining any minute. I wanted to put some nitrogen out on some of my fruit trees as the woodchips tend to use it up and the rain would wash it into the ground so I got my bowl out and loaded it up.nitrogen


I gave this mulberry tree a good shot of the nitrogen and a couple of apricot trees in the back got some too. Lucky the chickens didn’t try to eat the stuff.trees


Raining nicely

It wasn’t long before the rains started so it was in the house for  me.


I  had noticed my shower was past being dirty so with the rain and me stuck inside, today was the day to do something about that.

I got the supplies out and worked on it most of the rest of the day and got it fairly clean, at least a lot better than it was.

More Crab

For dinner that is. :O)

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    It’s funny … you would think the first night the rats ate that bait, they would die. Instead, they come back night after night.

    I can taste that crab!!!!!

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