The Dentist and Heading to the Tops of the Hills For Some Sun

Wednesday December 7, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dentist day

I had an appointment with an endodontic dentist, right before noon today, to have a tooth that had a recent root done on it evaluated as there’s still something not quite right with it.

I think the problem is actually me clenching my teeth. I had that problem awhile back and thought I had it under control but I think the problem snuck back. To make sure I’m getting the tooth evaluated to  make sure there’s nothing else wrong.

Anyway, the tooth looked mostly good and we decided to give me some time to try to stop the clenching and see what happens.

I didn’t have any shopping to do so I headed on home.


I checked the chicken’s egg nests for eggs. This one was still working on one which brought the egg count up for the day to two. It’s winter time and molting time so they don’t lay many eggs this time of year.hen1


I let the other chickens out into the front yard which they always like and they scoot right out there to go find stuff to eat.chickens2


Suns at the top

There were still a few hours left in the day. I decided to ride the dirt bike up to the hilltop and try calling a couple of friends I hadn’t talked to in  a long time.

I rode up this road headed for the top of the hill. The forest was a bit damp from the rains and cool too, so I was hoping for some sunshine at the top of the hill.road8


The sun was shining when I got to the hilltop overlook.sun3


I parked here to make some phone calls.bike6


The view looking east from that spot.dky5


I’d stopped to pick up a couple apples before leaving my house. Crunchy and delicious.apple7


Phone calls

Eventually I made the phone calls after enjoying the day a bit up there.

Nobody home on the first one and the second one the guy was up at Tahoe skiing so we chatted for a bit.

After warming up in the sun I headed back down the hill stopping at this spot where I noticed on the way up a lot of rocks had fallen on the road from the recent rains.bike9



There were quite a few little rocks to pick up and throw off the road so I started throwing them off the road.rocks10


I finished up with this little pile of rocks and by that time I was a bit tuckered out.rocks11


I continued on home for a nap.

Nice day.

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  1. Dan says:

    I enjoy your musings … hope you keep doing it. I live between Monte Rio and Duncan’s Mill off Laurel Dell … love the local updates.

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