Ray and I Check Out the River’s Mouth, Birds, and a Walk on Penny Island

Tuesday December 23, 2014 Jenner CA.

It looked like it was going to be a nice day as I drove down to Jenner this morning. The sun was out, no fog and the wind was down. Nice.

I put my boat in the water and crossed over to Penny Island and just sat around in this spot for quite some time. There were lots of birds flying around, mostly seagulls and the ocean looked like it was real rough from this spot.ocean


As I was sitting there, Ray paddled on up. We headed on down to the river’s mouth.

We passed by these bufflehead ducks on the way.buffles


And these grebe. The grebe seem to be able to still catch fish even with the water muddy from the recent rains.grebe


Some Brown Pelicans landed near us and started to bathe and preen.pels


As we paddled along we could see the ocean was on the rough side. Nice and calm on the river though.ocean2


We paddled down as far as we wanted to go and still be safe and sat for a good while just watching things.

This was our view out the open river’s mouth.mouth


There were some harbor seals laying on the beach across from us. The waves looked like they would break over them, but they crashed on the beach just in back of them.seals3


After about an hour, we started heading back to Penny Island, passing these seagulls and a pelican on the way.pelican2


A walk on Penny Island

We looked for a place that wasn’t too muddy and pulled onto Penny Island here. We decided to tie our boats up as there was about an eighteen inch surge, causing the river to rise and fall about that much repeatedly and at anytime, it was possible to surge even higher with the rough waves coming into the mouth. Tying the boats up makes sure they are still there when we return from our walk.kayaks


We walked around on the west end of the island through all this wood debrie from when the water floods the island. Here’s Ray picking his way through it all.island


We came out on this little green grassy area on the island and continued through it to the west end of the island.isalndwalk


We walked by this big redwood log on the way back to our boats.log


When we got back in our boats, we headed up the back channel of the island and ran into this grebe trying to swallow this fish, which it did. The grebe seem to be able to catch fish in this muddy water, somehow?grebefish


We paddled into this little channel on the up river end of the island and sat around for a good bit.jenner


It was still early, but I was going home early to work on one of my brothers golf carts he uses in his vegetable garden, so we headed on in for the day from this spot.

The golf cart

When I got home, I found my brother working on his golf cart. He repaired the corroded terminal on the controller, but that didn’t fix it. He said he started checking the wires that power the motor and found one of the stud nuts loose on the motor. That will certainly cause a problem. He fixed that and it seemed to work, all before I got home, so I didn’t’ have to work on that, so I took the rest of the day off.

Nice day.

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