Too Muddy at Monte Rio, So My Only Other Choice Was Jenner

Wednesday December 14, 2014 Jenner CA.

Checking the weather this morning it looked like it was going to be windy with a bit of rain around noon, so I planned to go down to Monte Rio where the wind is usually a lot less.

Lots of mud on the ramp

Arriving at the Monte Rio boat ramp, I was welcomed by all this mud on the boat ramp. A little mud, I can deal with, but there was over six inches in some places, so the plan changed.

Should be some steelhead fishermen soon

Here’s the muddy Monte Rio boat ramp. The water is looking good though. Should be some fishermen using this soon.boatramp


My only other choice was Jenner, so I headed on down that way, I could deal with the wind and a little rain.

I arrived at Jenner and should have put my rain pants on, but I didn’t, but I put them in the boat.

I decided to head down river to the end of Penny Island and see what was going on. I pulled into this grass on the end of the island and spent some time. This is looking down towards the river’s open mouth.island


I decided not to go down to the mouth and headed back to the other end of the island and pulled into this spot for a spell taking it easy.islandchannel


No place to go ashore

It was starting to look like it was going to rain, so I looked for a place to pull ashore and put my rain pants on. But all the spots were either full of mud or waves were washing around preventing me from doing that.

I kept looking for places as I headed up to Eagle’s landing, but didn’t find anything and a shower or two rained lightly on me.

It was showering lightly when I made it to eagle’s landing and I pulled under the big tree. It stopped and I started to head up stream some more, but decided to turn back around and head back to eagle’s landing in case it really started to rain. Eagle’s landing is one of the only places there are big trees along the shoreline to hide under to get out of the rain.

Good thing I returned to that spot as the wind really picked up and the rain came pouring down with the wind behind it.

I pulled in here at eagle’s landing and got under the big fir tree with all the moss growing on it.rain


I had to pull in close to shore as the wind really whipped the waves up and it was the only way to stay out of the blowing rain.boat


I decided I had better stay under this tree until the rain stopped, which from the weather guy was probably going to be about an hour and it was.

This was the big fir tree with the moss I was under. It would work for cover until the tree got saturated with water, then I would have to decide what to do next, when and if that happened.tree


The wind whipped and the rain fell for quite some time, but finally started to let up and I stayed dry under the tree. I waited a bit longer for any late showers to pass and then ventured out into some fairly good waves that the pictures just don’t show.

I stopped in this spot to enjoy things as the rain stopped, but not the wind and the waves.sun


The town of Jenner looks real good with the new greened  up grass on the hills.jenner1


I pulled into the channel on the east end of the island and thought about going in for the day. This spot is usually out of the wind which it


It was still fairly early, so I decided to head back down to the other end of the island where I could get a view of the ocean to see how rough it was.

I pulled into the grass in this spot and watched for a bit, looking down towards the ocean.waves


I made it to the end of the island for this view

Now you can see the waves blown by the wind looking down to the rough ocean. Lots of seagulls down that way. I’d call the waves knurly.rivermouth


The view of the open river’s mouth from the end of the island.mouth2


I decided I wasn’t going to fight the wind and the waves, so I headed on in for the day.

Things started to settle down a bit as I looked back for this last picture of a clearing sky.russianriver


I made it to the boat ramp and took my boat out of the water and headed on home for the day.

I managed to stay out of the mud and stayed dry too today, so the day went pretty good.

Merry Christmas to all. :O)

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