Creek Check Out, Chicken’s Roof and a Broken Car Door Lock

Tuesday December 4, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Checking out the creek before it rains

I got a late start today as I didn’t sleep well and when I went outside it was cool and felt like it might rain any moment.

I checked the chickens water and food and then I thought I better check out the creek that goes in back of my house before water starts to flow.

Creek bed

I got my clippers and dropped down into the creek to have a look to see how it was doing.bridge2


I cut some blackberry vines out and some tree branches so the creek was open and clear.

Here’s another section of the creek I checked out. I think it’s ready for some water as soon as it rains enough to start it flowing.creek1


Good to have that done

It’s easier to check out the creek before the water starts to flow so it was good to get that done.

Enlarging the chicken pen’s roof

After a break I decided to work on making the chicken pen’s roof a little larger so I cut a couple 2×4’s in half and made this support frame for an old piece of metal roofing I had.frame3


Working in the drizzle

While I was doing that it was starting to drizzle real lightly off and on but I kept working on it.

The metal piece wasn’t quite long enough but it’s what I had so I used it and will add another small piece once I get this up.metal


It’s just for chickens

It’s nothing fancy, just a roof for the chickens and to help keep me dry when I need to feed them in the rain.

Here is the roof up as it started to rain lightly.roof


Of course I had an audience while I was working.chickens


Tom borrows tools and then puts me to work

I was going to let the chickens out to graze around 4pm but as I was sitting in my chair resting my brother Tom came to the door to borrow some tools which I was able to round up for him.

It wasn’t too long before he was back and wanted some help working on his girl friends Subaru rear door lock that stopped working.

That’s not the problem

He was having a problem replacing the old one with a new one. We got the old one off and the new one installed but when we did a test on it, it still didn’t work.

Broken wires

Eventually I pulled the boot off the wires where the wires come from the car to the rear door and found a broken wire so we pulled the other boot off the other side and found a whole bunch of broken wires. It was getting dark too fast to do much else so I went on home for the night.

At least we found what the problem was so just need to repair all the broken wires.

Let the chickens down

Back home I realized I didn’t let the chickens out to graze, I just forgot. I checked on them and they were all up on their roost.

That was it for me today.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    It looks cool under your little bridge, without water. Good to get that cleared before the rain fills it up.
    I’m sure Tom appreciates your help as much as you do his.

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