Ray and I Yakked Monte Rio Today

Monday, May 13, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

The sun was out and it felt like it was going to be warm today

I woke up a bit earlier today, as the sun was up early and it was already warming up a bit. Checking my email, there was one there from Ray saying he was going to kayak from Monte Rio up and back. Sounded like a good idea to me, so I said I’d meet him down there and we’d be off.

We met in Monte Rio around ten thirty and put our boats in the water at the park boat ramp. We walked our boats around the ripple just below the bridge as it is too fast and too shallow to paddle. We put ashore and walked our boats in the shallow water up to the top of the ripple and got back in our boats and were on our way, under the bridge and up the river.

We took our time heading up the river stopping a lot and just enjoying the river.

Below is a picture of the river as we headed on up.



The Great Blue Herons like to sit in the big trees back in this area. Below, a great blue heron sits cautiously as we pass.



When we got to the Boho hole, there was a guy fishing there in a red sweat shirt. Ha, that’s Red Fred,  I think. Sure enough, that was him all right. He was fishing for shad and said it was very spotty, meaning not too good. He is known as Red Fred because he always has a red shirt on of some kind. It’s sure helps to identify him as I don’t see him too often.

I chatted with him a bit, then Ray and I sat around the hole for a bit before continuing on up the river.

This is the Boho hole where Red Fred was fishing. Boho is short for Bohemian.



Some of the Mallard ducks have hatched out.

There is a mommy and her babies, which were also swimming around the Boho Hole, eating the insects you can see on the water’s surface, below.



We continued on up the river a ways further. We had to paddle though a fast shallow area, which we both made, but that got Ray real tired so we turned around and headed back down the river shortly after that.

Below, Ray is headed up the river, just below the area we turned around and headed back down the river.



When we got to the first turn above Monte Rio on the way back, I spied something high up in the brush. Checking it out, it turned out to be the first azalea’s I’ve seen blooming this year.

Below, is a zoomed in picture of these azalea flowers


Shortly after that, we arrived back at the Monte Rio boat ramp and took our boats out of the water . I was ready for a nap and went on home.

Had a nice day on the water.

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