Shopping and Lab Work Today

Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

I needed the day off

Yes, I needed to take the day off and do some shopping and some lab work for an upcoming VA doc appointment. Just a yearly thing, routine.

I needed to pick up a relay to finish my van headlight on, when the key is on, project, so I was off to Pep Boys auto parts for that. I also picked up a four inch intake flex pipe that I want to use in my van as the intake now is not flexible enough for riding on wash board type roads. I’m hopping the flex pipe will help kept the pipe from coming loose in these types of situations, as I had the problem a couple times on my last trip.

I procured these parts without too much trouble. Next, I needed to go to REI to get a mosquito net for my van bed. This is the type like I used in Vietnam, it hangs and covers your bed and keeps all kinds of bugs off. It’s a little warm to use, but, it’s much better than those pesky bugs eating you all night.

It took me awhile to find REI, but once I did, I got the bed net and a head net too. These things are real handy when the mosquitos are on you in clouds,………. especially.

Next, it was backup the freeway to the VA Center, where I did the required lab work without too much pain. Just one poke in the arm.

My friend Joe lives near the airport and I had one more thing to do. While I was in the Emergency room the first time the receiving RN asked if I know anyone that could fabricate and weld Stainless Steel on his sail boat and I did, so I needed to deliver the message to Joe and just pay him a visit anyway. He always has a nice big vegetable garden in his back yard that looks real nice.

By the time I got home, it was nap time and then a bit of puttering in the yard and I did a little work on the van headlight project too.

That was it for the day.

Had a nice day.

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