Remaking My Blueberry Sprinkler System and Some Puttering in the Yard

Saturday September 6, 2014 Guerneville CA.

What to do today?

I knew I wanted to do a little yard work before going kayaking today. I was thinking I needed some fittings to hook some hoses together and I needed to buy some, but thinking on this, I thought I had enough copper fitting to make some fittings, so that’s what I did.

Soldering some copper pipe fitting together

This is my work bench for the project. Of course not having soldered anything for a long time, I got the first one too hot and the solder wouldn’t stick. I turned down the heat and was able to do the rest of them ok. That meant I had to get the messed up one apart and clean and flux the part before I could solder it properly.solder


Blueberry patch sprinkler system using frogs

I wanted to put together a sprinkler system using the older style sprinklers, called by some, frogs. I thought they’d do a better job of watering my blueberry patch, which is also my potato patch and my strawberry patch too. All these things grow good in the tree mulch I’ve put down for them, all mixed together.

Here is a picture of my blueberry patch, with the frog sprinklers installed.water


A different kind of frog


For those not old enough to know what a frog sprinkler looks like, here is a close up. It’s called a frog because when it’s first turned on and blowing air, it crooks like a frog.frog


Harvested some potatoes too

This picture shows what my hoses look like running to all the sprinklers with a couple other hoses mixed in too, just to confuse things. :O) Also note the potato plants and the bucket of potatoes I just dug up in front of the bucket.patch


The bucket of fresh potatoes and some of the potato plants growing in the mulch with my blueberry plants. I’ve got a mix of potatoes. Reds, Alaskan gold’s and some others.potatoes


Watering roses pays off

I noticed my rose bushes were drying up a week or so ago and gave them both a good watering and they rewarded me with some new roses for the year.roses


This is a pink climber rose.rosepink


And this is a big red rose.rosered


No kayaking today, chair hopping instead

I decided to stay home and enjoy the day and not go kayaking, it was so nice out.

I did some other puttering around in the yard and also a lot of sitting around doing what I call chair hopping, moving from chair to chair in my yard enjoying the day.

This is one of the chair views of my yard. Some of the trees are starting to show fall colors and a good many leaves have fallen.fall


I got a bit of exercise working in the yard, which is always good. Working in the yard is a good way to get some exercise, I do rather enjoy it.

That’s it for another fine day.

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