Resealing the Van’s Chevy 350 Engine’s Intake Manifold

Saturday March 11, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Had a bit of mechanicing to do today

Today the plan was to  take my van’s engine intake manifold off and reseal it as I didn’t do a good job the first time I installed it and it’s leaking oil very slightly.

I pulled off the engines hood and then removed the back of the dog house where the engine is inside the van.doghouse


Take it all off

Taking that off makes it fairly easy to get to the top of the engine where I have to do most of the work. To get to the intake manifold first I have to take all the stuff off the top of the engine, starting here.engine


Cleaning up the parts

I finally got the intake manifold off as seen in the front right of the picture. Now I need to clean off all the old sealer and clean things up so I can put it all back together.intake


Of course there was a nap in there and a couple breaks too.

Installing the new gaskets

Once I got it all cleaned up it was time to install the new gaskets which I am ready to do here.gaskets


Sealed up the bolts this time

This time I put some sealer on the mounting bolts as I didn’t do that last time as I didn’t know the bolts went all the way through into an oil chamber and that is why it didn’t’ seal the first time, so I made sure to seal everything up good.

I put the intake manifold on and then needed to let the sealer sit for about an hour before torqueing the bolts down so I worked on another project for a bit.

Working on the garden enclosure

I’m constructing an enclosure for my blueberry patch and garden. My plan is to weld sections up and wire them together at the garden to make the enclosure.

Here, I’m welding up one of the ends which I need to put a door in


Torqued down the bolts

Once the sealer was set up enough, I torqued all the bolts down to spec and then installed the distributer, but I think I got it off a tooth in the process.  I marked the distributor before I removed it so I could get it back to the same place, but in the process of cleaning up the intake manifold I accidentally cleaned off the black marks I made.

So I got it this far when it started to get dark on me.distri


Starting fresh tomorrow

I’ll start with getting the distributor right when I continue with this tomorrow as some things go together better when your fresh to start the day.

That was my hard working day.

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