Worked on the Garden Enclosure Even Though the Time Change Caught Me

Sunday March 12, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Seemed like a good day to do nothing

When I got up this morning I realized I forgot to set my clocks ahead last night so when I did set the clocks ahead, the day was  half over.

I didn’t feel like doing much so I put the van’s engine project on hold and sat around in the yard for most of the day.

I did finally get it going

Eventually, I started working on my garden enclosure project as it didn’t take too much thinking about anything, just cut the rebar and weld it together. The first end piece I made needed a door in it so it took a bit longer to build.

Here’s the first end piece I almost have together with the door in it.end


Once I had the first end piece with the door constructed I drug it out to the garden and set it up on a post to see how it would work and what it looked like.

Enclosing the blueberry patch

Here’s my blueberry patch with the first end piece set in place. I haven’t put any wire on it


Here’s another view of the end piece I just made in place around the blueberry patch.endup


It looked like that idea w0uld work so I was able to construct the other end piece  after a bit more work.

Digging the ditch

To install the other end piece I had to dig a ditch through the mound of mulch so I dug that out.digings


By now it was almost dark so I sat around in the yard for a bit and that was my day. It’s a good thing it was daylight savings time or I wouldn’t of had enough light to get as much done. :O)

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