River Mouth is Still Mostly Closed

Rough ocean can close the mouth of the river.

Looks like the river mouth has closed from the rough ocean pushing up sand to close it off. It might be slightly open, not, not much. I couldn’t see for sure, but it looked like there may have been a trickle of water out through the rocks at the end of the Jetty. But if so, just a trickle, as the river is rising from the closure.

If the high tide gets high enough, it can still come over this type of closure and deposit more salt water into the estuary, which can’t get back out very well. This type of closure can  open again if the high ocean tides break over the sand with enough force to push the sand back in the river. If enough water gets in at high tide, it can open the mouth up some more when the water goes back out to the ocean, taking a lot of sand with it.

This is a photo I took today of the mouth area, looking out toward the ocean,  the jetty is coming in from the left and the ocean was rough. A trickle of water may be going out where the rocks are at  the end of the jetty, but not much. the sand on the right has been deposited by the ocean, which can happen if the ocean gets rough.



Old Indian Lady’s face in the rock.

A little ways up river there is this big rock. A local lady tells me the rock shows the image of an old Indian lady’s face. Can you see her forever looking out?



This is a shot of her a little closer. Eye on the left and jaw on the right. She comes alive when you get the right angle of looking at her from the river. When she does, her spirit will get to you. :O) Especially when you think how she has been laying there, forever looking out the the skies.



I’ll be heading out to Boonville, CA. tomorrow and won’t  have any internet access until I get to Fort Bragg later in the week. I’ll try to write some posts and post them when I get internet access, if I can. The plan is to go up and help a friend cut some fire wood and also just to take it easy. He has a little cabin he built outside of Boonville, up in the woods, so it should be nice, even though I will cut some wood. Good exercise, if you can get it. :O)

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