Boonville Trip, A Great Place in the Woods

Off to Boonville

I was off to Boonville on Monday, around ten thirty in the morning. Gassed up and got packed for a week or so of fun. The trip to Boonville was uneventful, except, maybe for the half hour I had to wait for road construction, but luckily it wasn’t too hot. My destination was a friends cabin up in the woods near Boonville. Though a locked gate and down the dirt road to the cabin, set in a forest. Here is a pic of the camp.



We have a modern outhouse, with a flush toilet and a shower with hot water, nice and rustic.


One of the jobs I volunteered for was to cut up some wood for my friend Marty, who is just finishing up his Hip C.  treatment medications, so he’s been feeling pretty poorly lately. The treatment seems to be working. Only had to cut three tan oak trees down and saw them up. Took an hour or two, mostly sitting down resting up for the next charge.

Here you can see the wood we cut up. Didn’t think of a picture until it was over.



Some Friends, Dave and Joanne arrived the next day, for a few days. We did a lot of visiting and a lot of nothing, mostly. :O) Well Dave was energetic and went down to the river and got some rock for the mud in his camp site.

I also have been trying to get a road open for a couple years now. I’ve been working on putting rocks in a crossing for a couple years and this year, I finally got it crossable with a jeep. However, there were a bunch of trees across the road from several years ago when they had a big snow in the area that knocked a bunch of them over from the weight of the snow.



That road led up the hill a short ways to these water springs, where we made a turn around. Nice big green ferns.



More ferns at the springs.


I have a couple more days here at the cabin, then I will head down to Fort Bragg, CA. I’ll then try to post this blog when I get to Fort Bragg, likely at McDonalds. I will be kayaking some rivers up there, which you’ll likely get a report on when it happens. Time to go back to taking it easy.

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