River’s Mouth Area, Bodega Bay, Salmon Creek Ranch and Moving Some Dirt and Bone Broth

Tuesday October 3, 2017, Guerneville CA.

Checked out the river’s mouth area

I planned to stay out of the sun today to let my sunburn cool off a bit. So I called Salmon Creek Ranch last night and made an appointment to pick up some bones and some meat all grass fed.

So I had some time to kill before I could meet with the meat lady at the ranch.

I drove on down to the Jenner overlook to have a look at the river’s mouth to see if it was still closed or open.

This was my view of the mouth area as I looked down. It appears the water agency took a bulldozer down and opened up this channel  to let some water into the ocean slowly and not wash a big hole in the sand. It didn’t look like the river water was getting into the ocean, but I was wrong.channel1


Closer examination of the channel cut showed this which looks like someone had cut a channel with a hand shovel so there was a little water flowing to the ocean.mouth5


By the jetty

The water was fairly close to going over down by the jetty.jetty3


Here’s the low spot by the jetty. It looks like someone dug a shovel trench in this spot for it to open at one time, but it didn’t work.jetty


These cormorants where resting on a rock in the river below me.cors6


Headed to Bodega Bay

From there I drove down to Bodega Bay to where all the fishing boats were tied up and sat in the spot to kill some time.bodagabay7


Sonoma Creek Ranch

Eventually I drove over to the Bay Hill road that goes up to the Salmon Creek ranch to the ranch gate.ranch8


Grass fed cattle

I was still a bit early so I stopped on the way into the ranch for a break. These cattle came up to me where I was parked to check me out.cows9


Ranch store

At my appointed time I drove into the ranch where the sales shop is.store10


They fixed me up with some meat and some bones to make bone broth.sales


We all chatted for a bit

I shot the bull with them for a bit before taking off headed for home.

This as the view of Bodega Bay as I drove back down the Bay Hill Road.bay11


I made it home ok and put the meat away and sat down for break.

Hauling some dirt across the yard

Eventually  I got up and got my shovel and wheel barrel out to move some dirt from this gate spot. Some dirt has been falling down the hill right here.dirt12


I dumped the dirt on the floor of this shed as it’s been sinking from a big ten foot diameter redwood stump rotting under that ground.dirt13


Three loads of dirt was all I could do, so that’s all I did and that was my day.

Bone broth to repair the body

The bones I got I’m going to use to make bone broth as it’s suppose to be good to heal leaky gut faster. The reason is bone marrow is where the body manufactures the repair stuff the body uses to repair itself. So bone broth is a good source for these types of things which are supposed to be better than using supplements to do the job.

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3 Responses to River’s Mouth Area, Bodega Bay, Salmon Creek Ranch and Moving Some Dirt and Bone Broth

  1. Pam in Louisiana says:

    Bob, I have given so much thought about your itching problem and held back from speaking out to you about one thing that occurred in my life. I drop this in your ear only so you could think on it a bit, and possibly have this checked out, if for nothing else but to eliminate it as a possible cause of your itching. I know that you are pretty sure it is an allergy to corn and corn by-products, and I don’t mean to offend you in any way or imply that you are wrong about it by telling you the following, but you’ll understand why I just had to tell you about this. It is something that occurred with my mom a few years ago. My elderly mom suffered with severe itching for about seven years (pre-nursing home) while she was stilling living at home. No doctor could come up with any medicine to help, cure or relieve it or any actual causes for the itching over that time. Mom tried many meds and natural home remedies and even went so far as to try to treat herself for mites, etc. thinking there had to be a cause. She would scratch her skin raw until she bled. Absolutely nothing helped over all that time. One doctor even told her he thought it was all in her head and sent her home. Mom was up in years and eventually had to be placed in a nursing home. Sadly she was in severe kidney failure by that time. While speaking to a registered nurse on the floor one day about moms’ itching problem that was still going on one little angel of a nurse told me that her itching was a side effect of kidney failure! After so many doctors shrugged her itching complaints off it was hard to believe that not one had mentioned that or checked her kidney function! I mention this to you only so you may consider having your kidney function checked the next time you go to your doctors and you can eliminate it as being the cause for sure. After seeing mom go through this for so long I can really feel for what you go through with the corn allergies. I wish only the best for you every day!

  2. Pam in Louisiana says:

    I used bone broth for two weeks when I had a terrible burning and accompanying stomach cramping a couple of years ago. Worked out very well to rid me of that problem. I also quit eating acidy foods like tomatoes and tomato based foods, as well as grease of any kind, and I have no problems anymore. I can eat all the above now in moderation with no problems. Good luck to you and I hope this bone broth gives you relief.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    You had an accomplished day, got a nice drive in overlooking Bodega Bay, got good meat and bones for your health. Sounds like a good one!

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