Plans Change and I Kayak at Monte Rio With the Gang

Wednesday October 4, 2017 Monte Rio CA.

Even though I wasn’t going kayaking I did

I wasn’t planning to go kayaking today as I wanted to stay out of the sun. So once I got it going I hopped in the car as I decided to do some visiting and just maybe yak later in the day at Monte Rio.

Visit with Ray

So I drove down to Ray’s house who lives just down the road. When I got to Ray’s house there were a couple of trucks loaded with kayaks parked in front of his house.

It turned they were going to Monte Rio and go up river as with the river’s mouth closed it’s like a big lake.

Ok let’s go

It didn’t take much to get me to go with them.

River’s mouth opened during the night

But when we got to Monte Rio we found the river had dropped during the night which meant the  mouth had opened up and let all the  water out.

We were counting on that extra water to get us over a shallow spot just below the Monte Rio bridge, so now that wasn’t going to work out.

Change of plans

Ray suggested we go down stream instead so we did.

They just left the boat ramp and I need to catch up.putin1


Here’s the gang drifting down the river just above Villa Grande.river2


Lunch at Villa Grande

We landed for a little break at the Villa Grande hole here and it eventually turned into lunch.villa3


Light breeze turns the guys back

After lunch they decided to go down river just a bit which we did, but the breeze turned us around and we started back up the river.

They got ahead of me as I’m always stopped to take some photos of something.river4


Some one tips over

Ray was back paddling with me and he said it looks like one of the gang tipped his boat over and was  in the water.boatover5


Charlie’s in the water, but he’s an old river rat

Here’s what we saw as we paddled up to them. It appears Charlie tipped his boat over somehow which was ok, except he lost his two hundred dollar eye glasses in the process.charlie6


Charlie’s been on the river a good part of his life. Local river users used to be called river rats and hard to drown.

John helps out

John helped Charlie get the water out of his boat.dump7


John’s going to find those glasses

John was well prepared and had a face mask and snorkel. He said he’d find those glasses for Charlie. The water was real clear so we thought he might find the glasses but after awhile everyone else was giving up on John finding them, but he persisted. You can see John in the water looking for the glasses.john8


Just don’t give up

Every one but John pretty  much gave up on finding the glasses but not John and eventually just as every one was leaving for up river John finds the glasses.glasses


Charlie was pleased to get his glasses back.

Back on the boat ramp

It wasn’t far to the boat ramp where we took the boats out and went on home for the day.ramp


We didn’t see much wild life but that’s the way it is when you have a group of people going down the river shooting the bull on the way.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Plans Change and I Kayak at Monte Rio With the Gang

  1. Pam in Louisiana says:

    Bob, I added an another comment I made on your yesterdays post ( River’s Mouth Area, Bodega Bay, Salmon Creek Ranch and Moving Some Dirt and Bone Broth), and I’m hoping you’ll go back and read it. I’m also glad that mans’ glasses were found. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    What fun yakking with a bunch of friends! Glad John found Charlie’s glasses, that would be disappointing. Persistence pays off some times.

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