Rocking Crossings, Moving Brush and Cherry Tree Blossoms

Sunday March 24, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rock crossing work

I could use another load of rock on that water crossing I was working on yesterday or I  could go up and visit a neighbor and maybe not have time to work on the crossing.

I decided to work on the crossing and try and call the neighbor instead. I needed the larger rocks so I took the buckets out of the rig.

I loaded up the rig with the larger rocks.hondo1

And drove on over to the water crossing to add the rocks I brought to the mushy side which is the right side. The right side needs to be extended and another layer of rock added so I set off to work on unloading.crossing2

After unloading all the rocks, I looked at it and thought I’d try driving the rig across it to see how it held up. I thought a quick crossing might be the best way to test it out, just in case it was soft.rocked3

It looks pretty solid so I turned the rig around and zoomed across it with no trouble at all. The next time I can go slow across it.rockes4

Anyway, as long as I was across it, I drove on up to the ridge top to turn around and drove back down the hill and crossed it slowly. All was well. Scratch that project off the list.

Guerneville Overlook

From there I drove on up to the Guerneville overlook. I thought it’d be a good place to call the neighbor as it has cell service, but the neighbor didn’t answer so I enjoyed the view for awhile resting up.view5

More rocks

I still had some energy left so I stopped to load these rocks on the rig for another crossing I’ve been working on.rocks6

Another crossing

I needed to finish rocking this crossing. I should of brought bigger rocks as that’s what I started with, but what I had will work.crossing7

That mostly filled up the ditch but I will get some more for the lower side on the left, sometime.rocked8

From there I headed for home for a nap.

Eventually, I went outside to do some chair hopping and resting up.

Avocado tree branches

And eventually, I moved all but these two piles of avocado tree branches to the habitat pile about two hundred feet away.

I thought I’d just get the pile on the right moved for today and do the other one at a later time.

These are the last two piles to be moved.brush9

Finished up

I kept at it and got both piles moved and now I can put the fence back up.garden10

Cherry trees

The cherry trees have just started to bloom and if it doesn’t rain too much, they might get pollinated.trees

Nice day.

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  1. Barb says:

    A rocky kind of day. Hi Bob!

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