Moving Rock To Repair a Crossing Between the Rain Showers

Saturday March 23, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Showers today

It was raining when I got it going today so I waited around for it to stop as the weather guys said it would stop for awhile this afternoon. Their timing was a bit off but I did more or less get a break in the showers.

Raining up in the hills

It did stop at my house but looking up the hill where I was going it was still raining up there, so I sat in my chair and took a break and waited a bit longer before taking off for the hills. I did bring my rain jacket just in case.rain1

I’d put some buckets in Hondo and drove up to this small rock slide where I could get some rocks to do a repair.road2

I unloaded all the buckets.rocks3

And filled them all up with these smaller rocks. I just filled them about two thirds full so there wouldn’t be so heavy to move.rocks4

I loaded the buckets on the rig and then moved to some larger rocks and topped the buckets off with the larger rocks.loaded5

Crashing down

While I was loading rocks, I heard some big trees come crashing down somewhere below me. Hope they didn’t fall on a road.

Once I had the rocks all loaded up I took off for the place I wanted to use the rocks a couple of miles down the road.

But I only went a couple hundred feet when I was blocked by these small trees and I didn’t have a chainsaw with me.blocked6

The trees were small enough for me to push them out of the way so I could pass by.cleared7

Water crossing repair

I made it to the place I wanted to use the rocks. This water crossing is mushy for a couple feet down and I knew I couldn’t drive through it without making a mess and getting stuck, so I thought I might make a sorta bridge with the rocks.crossing8

I unloaded the smaller rocks on the left where I  knew it wasn’t so deep and the larger rocks on the right where I knew it was deep and mushy. When I walked on the larger rocks on the right, it was real spongy.rocked9

More rocks

I decided I needed more rocks and I figured I had enough energy to do at least one more load of them, so I drove on back to load more rocks on this road.road

I loaded more rocks and drove on back and unloaded.rockedin

There’s enough rocks on the right side for a motor bike to pass without sinking too much, but the side with the larger rocks is still real spongy. I’ll get more rocks but not today.crossing11

That was more than enough work to do for one day and I was beat so I drove on home for a break.


The chickens were in with the avocado trees digging for worms and my branches where working to keep them from digging out the mulch on the new tree.chickens

It was now showering. Each shower was short but heavy. The chickens would retreat to cover until it let up in a few minutes until the next shower.showers

After each shower they’d head right back out where they were grazing. I did some chair hopping between each shower until it was time to come in for the day.hens

Nice day.

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