Rolling a Road, Working and Exercise and Fasting Too

Wednesday April 3, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rolling roads

I was getting the stuff I needed together when Tom came by. He had some tips on how to prep the pipe I’m going to use for joining them together. He had made a template for the cut and showed me how to use the centering tool to find the center on both sides of the pipe.

He’ll also help me tac all the pieces together which will be a big help. His pipe template and the center finder tool in this picture.pipes1

Load of rock

I got my old Toyota out and put  the stuff I might need in it and drove it up to the rock slide to get a load of rock to weight the Toyota down more.rocks2


This was my sixth day of a fast, no eat, only water and salt, so I needed to try and not overdo it on work, if possible. A little work is good for the fast as it accelerates what the fast does for your body. During a fast, your body uses up all the bad stuff in your body first which is a good thing as it eats the bad stuff that messes up the body. In other words, the body has to supply all the energy to make the body go, so it gets if from fats and bad stuff in your body, like bad cells and such.

Back to the rock

I got the rock loaded up and drove on up to where I needed the rock. I actually just needed it in the rig as I wanted extra weight in the rig to use the rig as a roller for the road to pack it down.loadedup3

Road block

I was headed up this road when I had to stop.rig4

The road ahead was blocked with this small tree across it. Fortunately, I had brought the small chainsaw, so I cut it out of the way and also used the loppers to trim some brush off a few trees.log5

Need a break

All that work, I needed a break so I stopped at our break area at the top as it was near where I wanted to roll the road. I also cut a few more trees out of the view on the left, more exercise. I think I’m overdoing it on the work, but I’m taking my time.view6

Rolling the road

I made it down to the wood cutting area where I opened an old road a short time ago.woodflat7

Then I drove the Toyota back and forth on the road trying to cover as much of it as I could with wheel tracks to pack it in.road8

I stopped here to take a break during the process.rig9

I continued down the road packing it in until I got to this spot where there was a small slide. I could drive over the slide and get by, but a little shovel work would make it better to drive over.slide10

I’d brought a shovel so I got to it moving enough dirt and rocks to get by easier. Then I drove over it to pack it down and continued on down the road.shavelwork11

Water crossing

I made it to the bottom of the road where there was a water crossing that I’d put some rock in about a week ago as it was a mushy mess that couldn’t be crossed otherwise. I wasn’t sure what would happen when I crossed it with the load of heavy rocks. It help up well and I made it across with very little sinking.crossing12


I didn’t need the rock anymore so I unloaded it here to beef the crossing up more. More good exercise.rocked13


Now here I am in my sixth day of fasting and I should of pasted out like the rest of you say you’re gone to do, or at least it’s what most think. And to boot, I did a lot of work and got a lot of exercise too, which was good and made my body work on repairing itself by cleaning up the body to keep me going as there was no food for energy. And I didn’t pass out. :O)

But I was happy to get back home for a drink of water and a good rest up, chair hopping around the yard with my chickens.chickens14

Nice day.

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