Russian River is Up and Muddy

Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012, Jenner, CA.

Kayaking at Jenner, Ca. on a muddy river.

Today’s plan was to go down to Jenner and kayak, no matter what. But first, I had to make a stop in Monte Rio to help a lady with her computer and get some movies from a friend.

When I arrived at the house, they were sitting around the kitchen table trying to figure out why the hard drive was full? It took me a while to figure it out. While trying to figure that out, I gave the computer a complete tune up and finally figured out that the system files were being hidden, so you couldn’t see all the large backup files that were taking up all the space on the hard drive.

I got that all fixed to the ladies satisfaction, and was paid off with a plate of home made cookies.  :O) I shot the bull for awhile then headed out to Jenner. As I approached Jenner, I could see the water was up a bit, muddy and the wind was blowing pretty good.

I decided to go down to the highway one over look first to have a look at the rivers mouth. The river was real muddy, which is good, because when it is, nothing catches fish, not, birds, or animals or people. It’s the only time they are safe. Not too much going on down there at this time, because of this.

Below is a picture of the Russian River mouth, looking out into the Pacific ocean, west.



There were a few seals and some seagulls hanging out at the mouth, as can be seen in the picture below.



I headed back to the Jenner visitor’s center and put my boat in the water and headed up river on the north side. These ducks were in the water and just kept moving just enough to stay ahead of me, as you can see below.



I paddled up the river to Eagle’s landing. I saw a rather large brownish bird with white splotches on it, fly out and back to the trees. I saw it land, but it blended so well in the tree that I couldn’t find it to get a picture, until it flew off and I missed a picture of it. . I think it was a young eagle from this year.

Across the river from there were these lazy seals and a few bovinosaus, just taking it easy. Well, the bovines where eating grass and the seals were taking it easy. Notice the water is moving fairly good.



I stayed there for awhile, butt the sun wasn’t shinning in that area, so I headed down river to get back into the sun.

Below is a picture looking down toward Jenner, as I paddled down the river.



Below is another shot of Jenner, as I paddled down the river toward the ocean.



I paddled down the channel of Penny island and saw some more ducks and this one weird duck in the sky.



As I approached the west end of Penny Island the wind was a blowing and the tide was going out and I was thinking if the tide went out much further, I might have to land in the mud if I didn’t get out soon, so I decided to call it a day and headed in.

As I rounded the west end of Penny Island, this is the picture I took of Jenner. It was windy, muddy and nice. :O)



The river is flowing fairly well, since we just had some rains, so maybe it wouldn’t go so low to expose the mud at low tide, but I didn’t want to take the chance. The river mud can be real gooey, not something I like to deal with, if I can avoid it.

I did avoid it and had a nice day kayaking at Jenner by the Sea today.

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