Propane Tank Purge Day and Test Drive Too

Friday, Dec. 28,2012 Guerneville, CA.

Road testing the new van injection system.

It was a bit drizzly when I got up this morning, which was ok, as I had planned to road test the van injection TBI system I just installed on the van to replace the carburetor. It started right up and I drove it around the yard a few times and all seemed to be good. I did notice that the gas peddle was a lot different and was going to take some getting used to. The spring on the TBI unit is a fairly strong one, so it takes a bit of foot pressure to get it to move, then, it seems to move too fast, too far. It might just be I need to get used to it? Or maybe I need to modify something, but for now, I’ll try the getting used to it part.

Since I made it around the yard a few times, I thought I’d change it by going into town and going to the hardware store to get my new under van mounted propane tank purged and filled up with propane.

I tidied up the van a bit and put some tools away. And away I went, I like not having to choke it anymore as TBI injection units don’t use chokes, so it got removed.

Down to the hardware store to get the propane tank purged.

I  made it to town ok, and did a jack rabbit off the signal light in town and made it to the hardware store, where you push a button for service to get your propane tank filled.


Naturally, when the guy got there, he  says, where’s the tank. I says, under the van, and it is new and needs purged. He looks at it and gives me a look and well, you should have had it purged before you put it on…………..What the, I thought you just put some propane in it and let it out. He’s says, yes, do that a few times and we’ll have to move your van down the street to let out the propane for safety, and it’ll take an hour or so and I can’t do it right now he says.

So, thinking real fast, I say, how about I go home and take it off and bring it back down so you can do it when you can?  That’s ok, so I go home and take it off and head back down there in my car and drop it off, and hit the bank on the way home and some grocery shopping too. We had the tank completion scheduled for 5:30 PM.

The tank was ready early.

He called me about three and I went down and got it. I decided not to fill it yet, as I have to hold it up in the air to mount it again. I took a break when I got home, then went out and mounted the tank again.

Prepping for the inside propane lines.

Then I put some brass fittings together to get ready to plumb the propane to the inside of the van. It has to go to four places. The cooking stove, the heater, and a side door gas line, just in case and a line to the back door of the van, in case I decide to put in a propane hot water heater for a shower some day.

I’m thinking tomorrow might be a good day to do the inside propane lines and get it done, so I can get the van ready to travel, just in case.

Just have to think on that gas peddle problem.

The gas peddle action isn’t how I’d like it, so I’ll be thinking about what I can do to improve it. I’m sure there is something I can do to it. I need to give it some time as the new computer in the van needs some time to learn the engine. That’s how they work, they come preprogramed for general use, but as the engine is ran, the computer learns how it works and sets things to their optimal settings, so this takes a little time.

I got something accomplished today, which is always good.

Had a nice day.

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