Rustling With the Quad Runner Tires

Wednesday June 16, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Quad runner tire work

I was expecting my new quad runner rear tires to be delivered today so I needed to get the old tires off the rims.

I decided to try this setup to break the tire beads. The car is driven up onto the board to break the tire beads, one side at a time.tire


First tire went well

The first tire went pretty well and I broke both sides fairly easily.bead


But not the second tire

And the second tire I was able to break one side but the other side just wouldn’t break so I tried another board and it still wouldn’t break loose.block


I worked on that second tire on and off all day but I just couldn’t get it to break loose no matter what I tried.

New tires arrive

Late in the day my new tires were delivered but I still hadn’t gotten the last tire off it’s rim.newtires


Given up for now

This is my last try late in the day. Still couldn’t get the rim off so I gave up for the day.nogo


It was warm out today so the chickens had dug in in this damp dirt and are taking it easy.resting


I collected the eggs from my nest boxes. That one hen is still broody and I can’t get her out of the nest boxes so I just take her eggs away each day as I don’t need any more little chicks.eggs


I have a plan

I need to make a trip to the shopping center soon, so maybe I’ll buy something to help out the tire situation to make the job easier like a tire bead breaker from Harbor Freight as I  might need to do this again sometime.

Other then messing with the tires I just sat around an enjoyed the day.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Rustling With the Quad Runner Tires

  1. Patrick B says:

    I have one of the HF tire changer tools, the full size version not the “mini”. It works OK, but I have managed to bend stuff and break welds on it while wrestling with auto tires. I used it recently to change the tires on my riding mower, pretty similar to your quad tires. The center hole on the rim is only 1/2 to 3/4 inch on those, so I could only use the bead breaker then had to use tire irons to remove the tires. Getting one of those tubeless tires to seat and inflate took quite a while! One thing to make it easier to use is to mount it securely, I drilled 4 holes and epoxied some anchors into my garage floor to do so.

    I’ve been watching your well cleanout carefully, I’m about to begin that process here in Sebastopol. I have plenty of sand and silt build up, it’s starting to cause problems especially with our drip irrigation system. I have an old jet pump like yours I was thinking about using, but I disassembled it few days ago and found the inside of the pump to be too far corroded to be of use. I’m going to try an air lift pump, homemade out of PCV pipe scraps to lift the sand out. I also have a drain pipe cleanout attachment for my pressure washer, it has a 85′ hose that I’ll use to breakup and help lift the silt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cut tire with sawzall or jig saw?

  3. A James says:

    Frustrating when a tire just won’t come loose— tire shops often use a hot soapy solution,pour around the surround & let soak plus your neat set up – should do it.
    Enjoy your blog & following along.All the best

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