Dentist Day, No Notary and an Enjoyable Day In the Yard

Tuesday June 15, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Nesting material not needed

After taking care of the chicken’s needs this morning I thought I’d replace the nesting material in the momma chicken’s nest boxes, but.

I decided they’d be better off without the wooden shavings as they are just a place for bugs to hide and attack them. It’s warm enough out at night so they don’t need anything for warmth. I figure the smooth plastic won’t give bugs a place to hide and the chickens are more likely to eat any bugs they see.

So I dumped this old nesting material out of the boxes and gave them a good wash and put them back for the hens to use.nestboxes


I’ll keep an eye on the hens tonight to see how they react to this.


A dentist appointment at 1PM so I drove on over to Forestville where I had a crown tooth prepped for a replacement crown. It was fairly painless except for the paying.

Notary, finding one

I needed a notary to witness a document I had to sign so I went to the place in Forestville that was supposed to have one but no they didn’t do it anymore. There was no place else to do it in Forestville so I drove back to Guerneville and went to the place that should do it but the door was locked and no one was there so I drove across town and tried the other place. The door was locked but there was someone in there that came to the door, but no there was no one there to do it. Darn.

Nothing left to do but drive on home and take it easy, so I did.


After a good break I worked on the old well and got down a couple more inches. It’s going slow but I think I’ll keep at it for now as I’m not in any rush to use the well.well


Enjoying the day

So I spent most of the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard, mostly  just enjoying the day.


I did get some weeds for the nesting hens that don’t get to go outside the pens to get some as the little ones are too small yet to be out.weeds


The little ones enjoyed them too.peeps


And just before dark I shut the hens in as they were all on their roost for the night.roost


Nice day.

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