Shed Painting, Roses and Tool Handles and Some Planning

Tuesday May 8, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Painting the chicken coop

I purchased a gallon of paint yesterday to paint the floor and the sides of the chicken coop so it would look better. The sides are made of wafer wood and it’s peeling a bit so I wanted a good tough paint, so I got what they call porch and floor or something like that. I know the floor paints are tough from using then on floors in the past.

Here’s the coop ready for some paint and I’m ready to get started.shed1


Inside floor

I painted the inside floor first and could tell I didn’t  have near enough paint to finish the chicken coop, but I would do what I could and then I’d know how much more paint I’d need.floor2


More paint needed

I only got this much of the outside walls done before I ran out of paint. The deteriorating wafer wood is very porous and takes a lot of paint, but that’s why I’m putting it on the wafer wood to try and save it from getting any worse.paint3


Once that was done and I cleaned up the paint tools I sat around for quite a spell studying what I need to do on this project. I spent some time laying out exactly where the chicken run would go as I had to miss a water faucet and an electrical outlet so things had to fit just right, there wasn’t much room for error to make it work out. I adjusted the position of the shed to make it work out.

Set up for cutting rebar but didn’t

Next I was planning to cut some rebar for more panels so I set up for that, but I never did get to that as sitting around planning seemed to be a better way to go today as my body is worn out from all this work.

Pitch fork needs a new handle made

I broke my pitch fork handle the other day and it needed a new one as I needed the tool to turn some mulch so I needed to find some handle material.\fork4


Since I live in a forest that’s where to find a handle so I grabbed my saw and went out in the front yard to a pepperwood tree and cut a branch off about the right size for a handle.

Roses showing off

On the way I noticed my roses were looking good.roses5


Especially these big red ones.redrose6


Handle construction

I removed the old piece of handle that was broken off with the drill and then used the other tools to shape the end of the tree limb to fit the fork.

Here’s the finished product and the tools I used to fit the handle to the fork. I took less than a half hour to do this and pepperwood makes a real nice handle once it dry’s out.forkhandle7


That pretty much finished up my day for a nice one as I took it easy.

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