Shopping, a Visit With Mike and Rodent Traps

Thursday August 19, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

Yep, I needed to go get some stuff and I figured Wal-Mart would have most of what I needed so I headed on over there, ……….but.

No spray paint and things locked up

I wanted to resupply my spray paints but when I checked the spray paint area there were almost no cans of paint and a lot of the shelves people had sprayed with paint. What a mess and no paint. So I needed some T shirts too but they were all locked up in cabinets along with the underwear and no one was around to easily get them open so I passed on that.

I needed some razors and couldn’t find them so I asked and went over there where she said they were. No wonder all the shaving supplies where locked up too but at lease there was an employee close by that got someone to open the cage for me.

What’s the use in going to a store that everything is locked up in and no one is around with a key?

Mike’s house for a visit

From there I went up to Healdsburg to visit  my older brother Mike to see how he was doing as he has some Parkinson’s disease.mikes


We shot the bull for a bit mostly about getting older and all the doctoring he’s doing.


Mike has quite a few citrus trees in  his yard so before I left we went out back and he picked some for me. There’s not much on the trees right now but he found some different kinds for me.

One of them was an indio  mandarinquat which sounded interesting but I haven’t tried yet.

Here’s Mike picking some citrus for me.mike


Another try for spray paint

As long as I was in Healdsburg I might as well go to the hardware store and see if I can do better on the spray paint so I  headed over there when I left Mike’s.

I walked all around the paint department and couldn’t find the spray paint. It seemed to be one of those days. I found the paint guy and asked and he pointed me to way in the back, I guess out of the way to keep bad kids from buying it and spraying stuff? Anyway I bought about fifty bucks worth of paint of various colors.

From there I headed on home down along the river and into the redwood forest.

After putting the stuff away I went out to see how things were going in the yard.

Yummy grapes

I ate some of these grapes more than once during the day.Nothing like straight off the vine.grapes


Heard the trap go off

I was sitting outside the garage just before dark  when I heard the rodent trap go off so I had a look. Empty. I’ll get it next time, maybe.

So that reminded me I had another trap setup in the creek back behind my house. I set it up unset with some walnuts in it which hadn’t been touched. I will sometimes put out an unset baited trap to let them get the bait and become ok with the trap then I will set it. Sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn’t.trap


Redwood stump

I also noticed this piece of a redwood tree stump had fallen over and will need to be removed before the winter’s rains hit.stump


So I chair hopped around the yard until it got dark and went on in for the day.

Nice day.

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