Finishing Up the Construction of the 1967 Chevy Van’s Heat Flow Baffles For the Radiator

Wednesday August 18, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Van’s radiator baffle construction

I started out by drilling the mounting holes I needed in the radiator baffles I constructed.


I had to do some minor adjustments to make it all fit as it should then I found some spray paint I had on hand and put a coat of paint on the baffles.

The baffles hanging to let the paint dry.paint


Installing the painted baffles

Once the paint was almost dry I spent some time installing the new baffles. I had to make a couple more adjustments and got the four parts mounted.baffle


The red and green parts are three of the new baffles.rad


Baffles all mounted up

Here’s looking up from the bottom of the radiator at the front of it showing all four of the new baffles.baffles


Wrong fuel line size

I worked on that pretty  much all day with a bit of chair hopping thrown in too. I think I pretty much have this part of the project done so I moved on to seeing how I’m going to hook up the fuel lines and discovered I got one of the sizes of the fuel lines wrong. That means I need to order some large fuel line before I can hook up the gas lines.

Electric fan hook up, figuring out

I also spent some time figuring out how I’m going to hook up the radiators two electric fans but didn’t get to hooking them up yet.

Shop day

Tomorrow will be a shop day as I still need a few things to get all the stuff hooked up and I need some more paint as I’m almost out and have been just using the colors I have left on hand.

So far it’s all coming together although a bit slow but that’s ok  as long as I get it done.

Nice day.

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