Skiddy Limps Home and Fuel Transfer

Monday January 8, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Blog transfer report

Well, things didn’t go as planned yesterday, so it didn’t get transferred yet. It turned out that the guys doing the transfer had another copy they were working on and the one I was transferring to wasn’t working too good. Those guys are trying to get my photos transferred from the old site. Lots of my old photos got corrupt somehow when transferring them to the new site. I don’t think they will be successful as I think those photos  on the  old site are mostly corrupt too, but I’ll let them try. When they finish with their work, I’ll try to switch on the new site again.

Forest work

I rode Skiddy up into the hills today to do some work for a neighbor.road

Broke down

I was doing good when I noticed the blade wasn’t angling and then the joysticks buttons stopped working. I wasn’t sure what was wrong. I got out and had a look and found that two wires going to the blade had caught a branch and shorted out. The controls worked good enough for me to limp on home. Only the lowest speed would work.

Once home, I got the manual out and found out where the fuses were located. I found the joy stick trigger controls had blown a fuse. I replaced that and all was good, so I repaired the shorted wires and tested it again. Works good now.

Fuel transfer bracket

I put the new bracket I made on the quad and finished hooking up the new fuel pump system. Of course, the hook up wires weren’t long enough to make it to the quads battery so I extended those.fueltruck


I moved the quad over to Skiddy to fuel it up and try out the new system. The first thing I noticed was the hose that goes in the gas can had a filter on it that wouldn’t fix through the containers opening, so I removed that. The containers have some plastic screens in them that I also had to remove.

The new fueling system works good. It took about a minute to transfer five gallons of diesel.

Nice day.

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