Fuel Transfer Pump Fab and Working Skiddy

Sunday January 7, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Blog Transfer plans

My plan is to post this blog to both places and then kick in the new site by changing where Bobseyes.net points to. Or to post this blog to the old site and then to the new site once the Bobseyes.net points to the new site. There’s nothing you need to do to continue reading.

So, if all goes well, that should complete the blog transfer, then i just need to set the new site up a bit so it’s more like the old site was. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost a lot of older photos to the older blog posts and nothing I can so about that.

Fuel transfer bracket fab

I need to fabricate a bracket for a place to keep my new transfer pump for fuel. I’m using one of my quad runners to do the fueling. I think this system will  help keep the unit cleaner and out of the dirt.

I measured and planned the bracket so it was time to start putting the bracket together. I cut some metal and started welding some pieces together to mount the bracket to the quad runner.welding1

I wanted the bracket to be easy to take on and off, so I made some U shaped mounts that just slip on the quad racks. Now I need to add  some more stuff to this bracket.bracket2

I got the pump part mounted to the bracket. Now I need to make something to hung the hoses.hoses3

That should do it. I haven’t put the pump kit together as I need to paint the bracket and decide how long to make the hoses. I’ll use the quads battery to run the transfer pump.bracket4


Homemade brackets always look better with some paint on them. I had to take this into the house where it’s warm enough for the paint to dry.paint12

Working Skiddy

After a break, I hopped on Skiddy and rode it up to our old orchard to fix this water crossing the road. Most people would use a culvert, but i hate them.. One is not needed here. The water has slowed down from the spring right now, but when it rains again, it will pick back up.water5

You can see I only made a real shallow ditch for the water to get across the road, so it’ll be nice to drive over.ditch6

I made a very shallow ditch to get the water away from the road. This will blend back to nature fairly quickly.ditch7

I worked my way down the orchard road making sure to drain all the water off the roadway.

I repaired this water crossing area so it would work properly and then took off for home.ditch10

Backup camera

I couldn’t see my backup camera very good today, so I hit some buttons on it and found out something new that will help out backing up on steep hillsides, a lot.camera8

These colored bars showed up which should be a great aid in backing up in tight spots. Because you are sitting inside this machine, it’s hard to see backwards and sideways, so I go real slow when backing up on the steep stuff as I don’t want to go over the side of the road.bars9

Chair hopping

Once back home, I chair hopped around the yard with the chickens until the day cooled down and inside I went.chickens11

Nice day.

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