Some Paint and Moving Woodchips to the Raspberry Patch

Monday July 15, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Paint for the shelve

I rounded up this wood thing and plan to use it to hold up my propane bottle on the side of the house. It needed some more support for mounting it so I cut a 2×4 for it and screwed it to the shelf.shelf


Some paint

I got two coats of paint on it so far. One more I think should do it.paint


I removed this part of the house to expose the spot where the propane gas goes to my cooking stove as I need to get to the gas pipes here and mount the new tank holder shelf.underhouse


That’s all I wanted to do with the shelf project so far so I left it for later.

Moving woodchips with the tractor

I saw my brother’s tractor parked in the yard so I moved woodchips to the raspberry patch using it instead of the wheelbarrow. Much quicker.dump


I also was watering the raspberry patch as raspberries like water to get lots of big berries.water


I moved most of the woodchip pile leaving some to use other places with the wheelbarrow. I think Tom said we have more woodchips coming.chips


The hard way

I loaded the wheelbarrow with woodchips and moved a couple loads to the chickens mulch run area.loading


In the evening once the sun was low enough in the sky I started moving woodchips from the chip pile to the raspberry plants with the wheelbarrow. I didn’t get it all done before I tired out but I got enough for now and got a good start on it.

I lofted around chair hopping just before dark enjoying the nice evening.

Nice day.

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