Some Rain, No Work, Play Time

Tuesday March 28, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It rained until around noon and let up. It was too wet to work on projects, so I gassed and sharpened up my chainsaw to ride up into the forest for a ride.

I knew there were three trees down across the roads that needed cut off the roads, but I figured it would mostly be a nice ride through the wet forest. I put my rain jacket on just in case.

First log

This was the first tree I stopped to cut off the road. I thought I’d parked far enough out of the way of the logs I’d cut off the tree, but I was wrong.parked1


The first piece I cut rolled down the hill and right into my quad runner. No damage though.crashed2


More careful

I was more careful with the second piece I cut and made sure it was headed away from where the quad runner was before starting it to roll down the hill and out of the way.cutup3


Second log

And I knew about this one which was just a bit up the hill from the other one. It looked foggy up the hill as I was near the top.tree4


I got that one cut and off the road.cleared5


Foggy view

At the top of the hill, there was no view, just fog.fogged6


Third log

This next log I knew about too, so stopped and got out the saw.trees7


I got that one cut up and thought I was done cutting logs off the roads and could just ride around the rest of the day, but I was wrong about that.sawedup8


Forth tree

Not far from that one, I saw this one, so,the day was turning into a bunch of exercise, instead of play time. I had to be careful with this one as it was still up in the air.tree9


Fifth tree

By now I was pretty beat, but there was one more, right here and it was a big mess.tree10



Being tired out now, I cleared enough to get by. It started to rain which I was hoping was just a shower and it was, but I was getting a bit wet.road11


Black cloud

That big black cloud was dropping some rain drops and they were getting bigger, so I thought I better head towards home.sky12


I rode on down this trail and had to stop to throw some fallen branches off the trail.trail13


By now it was raining lightly as I headed down the trail.trail14


I made it home and the rain picked up for a short time and then stopped for most of the rest of the day.

Nice day

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