Marty and I Get the Rafters On and Tom Comes By With His Tractor

Monday March 27, 2023 Guerneville CA.

New shed work

I’d just started to work on the new shed when Marty pulled in my driveway unexpectedly.

When he got out of his van, I said, just in time, I’m putting you to work today.

I needed to put up the roof rafters so another person was handy for that.

We worked on getting those up most of the day.marty1


Tom levels things up

While Marty and I worked on the rafters, Tom came by with his tractor and leveled up the rock piles we put in the new shed spot the other day.

Once that was done he took off to do some other work, but said he’d be back to drag the unit to the desired spot once we had all the rafters attached.

Tractor does the work

When we got all the rafters up, Marty took off for home and shortly my brother Tom came by with his tractor to move the unfinished shed into place. He had to drag it over to the spot, about fifty feet.tom2


He just missed one of my cherry trees.shed3


And then  he pushed it into place.shed4


Leveling it up

We worked on leveling it up a bit using the tractor to lift it up to add or remove the dirt to make it level.level5


It’s going to rain

We got done just in time as it looked like it was going to rain soon, but it held off until after dark.clouds7


Raking it out

I continued to rake the rock and tidy things up with a big rake while the chicken’s helped a bit.helpers6


Let it rain

It’s good to have that part done, so now I can finish it up, putting the steel sheets on the roof and the siding.

Nice day.

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  1. Dick Ruggles says:

    looks like roads George parmeter made about 50 or 60 years ago LOL

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