Some Riding, Some Weed Mowing, and Some Bracket Making

Tuesday May 14, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Potato Man

Barry showed up this morning so we were off on a ride, stopping by Tom’s garden for a bit. Tom is planting potatoes.garden1

Forest ride

We rode on up into the hills and stopped to move this downed tree, but it was too heavy so we just threw the brush off the roadbrush2


We stopped at this spring for a drink of water.spring3

Exploring an old road

We stopped here as Barry saw an old road down off the side of this road he wanted to check out. He moves through the forest faster than I like to go so I let him go check out the road while I had a nice break here.bikes4

Barry took off down through here to check out the old road. It’s steep country although the picture doesn’t really look like it.hill5

At the top

When Barry got back we headed up to our rest spot at the top of the mountain.view6

After a good break we headed towards home taking the long way.

I needed a nap after that, a nice long one.

Mowing weeds

I wanted to work on my trailer, but wasn’t into it, so I opted to mow some weeds instead.mower7


This area needs some mowing.weeds8

I mowed until my back was screaming.

The chickens didn’t waste any time moving in right after I mowed.mowed9

Making brackets

After I mowed, I still had a couple of hours before it would get dark, so I got to work on the trailer job.

I needed to make a couple of stake brackets. I measured and cut and drilled some metal pieces then welded them up into stake brackets.welding10

Stake brackets

Here’s the two brackets I made. A coat of paint will make them look nicer.brackets

I put the chickens away for the night and went in for the day.

Nice day.

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