Some Seal Pups Don’t Make It

Tuesday April 15, 2014 Jenner CA.

Paddling around the Jenner area

When I pulled into Jenner today to Kayak, Ray was already across the river in his boat, so I put in and caught up with him. He wanted to go down to the river’s mouth area, so that is where we headed.

The sun was out with a low wind and it looked like it was going to be a real nice day, which it was.

It was just going on high tide as we got there. See the foam from the ocean, where the ocean water is diving under the fresh river water, as it comes into the river’s mouth.

We sat around in the foam for quite awhile just checking out the goings on.rivermouth


It was real calm in the river, but not out in the ocean, looking out the river’s mouth into the ocean. Lots of seals and seagulls on the sandy beach.mouth


Some of the harbor seals just inside the river’s mouth taking it easy.seals2


A few of the harbor seals with their new pups. Three pups in this picture, can you spot them?seals


Turkey vultures are the sign of life and…………….death

Ray pops up with those vultures are eating a pup. I say, where. Right in front of me, of course, I was too busy getting some pics to notice.

Now, a good sign a harbor seal is having a pup is when some turkey vultures land by a seal that is by itself. They know that there will soon be an afterbirth, so they land and wait.

But sometimes there is more, when a pup doesn’t make it through the birth, such as this one.

We didn’t see the birth, but this momma seal gave birth to the pup, the turkey vultures are eating on, just before we got there.deadpup


A sea lion fin

I was watching a sea lion go by when it put up this fin show. You’d have to see it to know it was a sea lion fin, otherwise it might be some kind of monster or sump tin.sealion


A little walk on Penny Island

We spent a good deal of time down at the river’s mouth, and then headed on up the back side of Penny Island.

This was our view as we headed up the back side of the island. We went to shore over by that big redwood stump on the


Here’s the spot we went to shore for a little walk on Penny Island.kayaks


We went for a short walk around the west end of Penny Island and it looked like this. Lush.penny


After our little walk, we got back in our boats and continued on up the back channel of Penny island.

There were a pair of merganser ducks I went by that didn’t fly away, so I was able to get a close-up real good picture of them. The male is on the left and usually it’s eyes don’t come out in the dark head. These ducks are real good at fishing and fun to watch when they are fishing.ducks


As we came out of the island back channel Ray and I went on in for the day.

This is our view as we paddled in for the day looking at the town of Jenner.ramp


A little yard work

I went on home and did some puttering around in the yard for the rest of the day.

I dug up some more of the daffodils that are in my way of the ditch I’m digging. I will have plenty of daffodils to separate and  replant in the ditch after I dig it, which should look very nice in the spring when they come up again.dafs


My pink climbing rose is just starting to bloom.pinkrose


After that, I just sat around enjoying the evening until it started to get dark and that was it for another nice day.

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