Paddling Down Below Monte Rio to the Casini Ranch and Back

Wednesday April 16, 2014 Monte Rio, CA.

A real nice day on the Russian River

I met Steve down at the Monte Rio boat ramp around eleven AM this morning. He was already on the water as I arrived. I put my boat in the water and joined him. We headed on down the river at a leisurely pace, headed for the Casini Ranch. Casini Ranch is about three miles down the river from Monte Rio and three miles back for a total of about six miles.

It was a real nice day, some breeze and the sun was out and oh, we don’t have any of those nasty type bugs either, which is always nice.

Here is a view of the river about a mile down the river, just above the Villa Grande Hole.river


We passed several great blue herons fishing along the shoreline. Here is one of them.heron


And I saw a number of these turtles on logs along the shoreline.turtles


This is Steve as we continued down the river, just below the Villa Grande Hole.rivrview


We passed a goose taking it easy on the Sheridan beach.goose


Our view as we rounded the Moscow hole just above the Casini Ranch, headed down the river.view2


We are approaching the Casini Ranch riffle in this picture, their beach is out of site to the left of this picture.



We paddled just past the brush on the left and pulled in where we sat for lunch, just above the Casini Ranch riffle.casini


After a good break in this area, we headed back up the river where we passed this cormorant resting on this log.cormorant


We are headed back up the river to the Rein’s beach area in this picture.reins


This is Moscow hole just past Rein’s beach, a real nice place to stop for a bit to just enjoy.rein


A little breeze came up, but not bad. We stopped for a bit by this rock for a rest, before continuing on up the river.view


It was about five PM as we rounded the Villa Grande hole going back up the river, headed for Monte


I spied a wood duck just below Monte Rio, scooting out of our way and headed for some trees to disappear.wooduck


By now, we were both beat and ready to get out and go home. We pulled our boats out of the water and went on home, where I hit the couch for the rest of the day.

Nice day kayaking the river.

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