Some Shopping and No Water In the Water Tanks

Wednesday July 10, 2024 Guerneville CA.

The first thing I did today was drive down to the CA. State parks local headquarters to visit with a guy if  he was in. He was out, so I headed to the John Deere dealer to talk with the sales guy about a small warranty item on Skiddy’s blade A solenoid is not working properly. I talked with the guy and  he started the paperwork rolling.

Hardware store

Then I drove on over to the big hardware store to buy a new main gate automatic gate opener. I found that and bought a couple other things too.


On the way home I turned into the station that carried red diesel for Skiddy, but found they were working on the station and all the pumps where roped off, so that was a bust.

No water

When I got home I went in the house intending to go out and install the new gate parts, but when I went for a drink of water, all I got was a dribble. Something was wrong with our spring water supply system to the houses. I found my brother Tom to see if he knew anything about that.

He said he’d left the water running on a garden for a long time by mistake so  maybe that was the problem.

I got on Hondo and rode up to our water supply tanks to see if any water was coming into the tanks. It was so I measured how  many gallons per minute which was about six gallons per minute so the tank should be filling up. On the way back to my place I found Tom shutting off his auto watering for his vegetable garden so the tanks have a chance to fill up.

After that, I didn’t feel like fixing the gate so I went in for a nap instead.

Nice day.

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