Some Shopping and Trading Berry Plants

Monday January 25, 2921 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I’ve been putting it off for a long time now, shopping that is. Not my favorite thing to do mingling with the city people. :O)

So I was off to the shopping centers around noon, Smart and Final, Costco and a hardware store. I did pretty good but forgot to get an item at the hardware store, the one I needed the most for a job. Oh well.

Then I stopped by and visited Rene where we talked mostly about fishing as Rene does a lot of it.

Feed store

Then it was to the feed store as it was on the way home. I order the feed at the front desk and then drive around to the back where a guy loads it all up for you. It’s fairly painless until you have to unload the car at home.feed


Joe’s place

My last stop of the day was to visit Joe at his place. I found him out in his shop working on a project.

I had some raspberry bare root plants for him for his garden which is off to the left in the photo.joes


Strawberry plants

I needed some strawberry plants as my chickens ate the ones I had. So we went out to his garden and he dug me up a bunch of plants.

Joe tried to get back to work but we shot the bull too much and it was getting dark as I made my way home.

The chickens were in when I got home. Only the things that needed to get unloaded from the car got unloaded mostly food items.

The feed will keep until tomorrow as I want to sweep out the feed shed before putting the new feed in there if it not raining too hard.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Some Shopping and Trading Berry Plants

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Joe has a nice place. Sitting here in the snow, it seems funny to hear you talk about strawberry plants. :) You live in a nice location with moderate winter temps and beautiful summers.
    Glad you got your shopping done……too bad you forgot something.

  2. Nancy K says:

    It’s funny … the older I get the less I want to go to the store. I keep saying I’ll go tomorrow!! That’s why post-it notes adorn my house. So I don’t forget what I really need to get!! LOL

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